CSB-SHOP is a platform for socially conscious brands. 

Each brand, unique in its identity, is part of an ecosystem developed to sustain and evolve Creative Space Beirut, a non-profit, free school for fashion design based in Beirut, Lebanon. A percentage of each sale is donated to the school, which means when you purchase an item from any of our brands, you are contributing to the education of talented aspiring designers.

The products offered on our platform are locally produced in Lebanon, under ethical standards and practices, and more often than not utilize donated or stock fabric.

In-House Brands

CSB ready-to-wear:

Design that values movement, harmony and timeless aesthetics.
CSB RTW is a one-size fits most, versatile, seasonless brand designed by Creative Space Beirut co-founder and Parsons professor Caroline Simonelli and produced by the Creative Space Beirut team. The designs lean towards organic shapes and timeless styles, focusing on comfort and movement. 

Second St.: 

Animating classic forms.
Using unique fabrics and methods such as geometry, dynamic design, and patchwork, Second St. gives classic styles and forms a playful twist for the contemporary urban lifestyle. The brand is run by its partners Sarah Hermez, Tracy Moussi, and George Rouhana, who also lead and manage Creative Space Beirut’s operations.

Roni Helou:

Androgynous styles and tailored looks. 
Roni Helou, the namesake brand of a Creative Space Beirut alumni, offers compulsively wearable modern pieces that boast originality through deconstruction, tailoring, textures and styling, and explore playful expressions of the feminine-masculine spectrum.

In addition to its in-house brands, CSB-SHOP aims to serve as a platform of exposure, collaboration and work opportunities for Creative Space Beirut’s alumni.

CSB-SHOP promotes equal opportunity into the creative sector, helping to make the design world accessible to talented individuals who lack the resources to pursue a career in design due to elitist industry modes. It is a way for the proactive generation to engage in methods of conscious consumerism. By purchasing any of our products, you are helping to pave the way to a more inclusive and ethical industry.