Education T-Shirt

Creative Space Beirut

Creative Space Beirut is a non-profit free school for fashion design offering quality design education to
talented youth who lack the resources to pursue an education at increasingly expensive institutions.
The innovative initiative aims to promote equal opportunity into the creative sector and make the design
world accessible to those with vision, flair, and the driving impulse to create. Browse the collections
and pieces designed by the students at Creative Space Beirut. 
Drape Coat

CSB ready-to-wear

Dreamed up by Creative Space Beirut co-founder and Parsons professor Caroline Simonelli, CSB ready-to-
wear is a one-size fits most brand that transcends the seasons. Produced by the Creative Space Beirut team, 
CSB ready-to-wear celebrates organic shapes by way of flowing silhouettes that embrace comfort and movement.


General Donations


Welcome to’s donation page. Explore the different initiatives to learn more about how you can support Creative Space Beirut on its mission to free education. Listed below are different initiatives that show how you can engage with Creative Space Beirut and help us grow. We thank you for taking the time to know more about how you can be a part of our community, it is with this support that we are able to realize our mission and make education a right and not a privilege!